Prerana Executive

I am undergoing CS internship at Simplybiz, I am thrilled to join the SimplyCorp team expertise in Corporate Compliance. My role involves supporting the company’s compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and ensuring effective corporate governance. I am dedicated to learning and growing in this essential area of corporate operations. I am currently undergoing comprehensive training to develop my expertise in company secretarial duties, including: – Understanding corporate governance principles and practices – Learning about compliance with statutory requirements – Assisting in the preparation of board meetings and minutes – Managing corporate records and filings – Attending professional development courses and workshops Skills and Competencies: – Regulatory Knowledge: Familiar with corporate laws and regulations, with a strong interest in deepening my understanding. – Organizational Skills: Highly organized with an ability to manage multiple tasks and deadlines effectively. – Attention to Detail: Meticulous in reviewing documents and ensuring accuracy in all compliance matters. – Communication: Strong verbal and written communication skills, particularly in drafting legal documents and reports. – Analytical Thinking: Capable of analyzing complex information and providing insightful recommendations